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Learn how to harness the power of the sun

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable. Scroll to learn more about how solar works, and how it can go to work for you.

How does solar work?

Texas Best Solar explains solar in five simple steps

Solar in 5 simple steps:

  1. Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells (photo meaning “light” and voltaic meaning “electricity”), convert the sun’s energy into electricity using semiconductors typically made of silicon

  2. The internal circuitry in the panel converts the sun’s rays into Direct Current (DC) electricity. 

  3. The DC electricity is sent to a solar inverter where it gets converted into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, the most commonly used form of electricity in homes and businesses today 

  4. The AC electricity flows through the inverter to the breaker box, which directs the electricity to power lights, appliances and other electronic devices in your home, including powering your electric vehicle 

  5. Unused electricity is then fed back to the grid to offset or for purchase

Benefits to your bottom line

There are many benefits of solar to your bottom line

30% Federal tax credit

Take advantage of this year’s generous federal tax credit before it disappears! Next year the federal tax credit may be reduced.

Local rebates

Depending on what city or county you reside in, you may be able to take advantage of local rebates as well as the federal tax credit. Contact us to see if you qualify for a rebate near you.

Save money on your energy bills

Whether you pay for solar upfront or finance it over time, you are locking in your energy rate for the foreseeable future. And, for most who choose to finance, the cost of the loan is often smaller than their monthly electric bill, so the offset is net positive on their monthly budget.

Benefits you can feel good about

Solar gives you peace of mind

Peace of mind

Solar plus a battery backup solution or generator provide security, power, and peace of mind when power outages and unpredictable weather strike.

Investing in a cleaner future

It’s a win-win. You save money, and do your part by choosing a cleaner way to power your life. The future thanks you.

Energy independence

Although most structures are still connected to the grid, going solar is a step in the right direction for energy independence so that entire communities are less reliant on the overburdened energy infrastructure.

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