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Quality, Durability, and Style from Texas Best Solar


At Texas Best Solar, we only choose ethically sourced products produced in democratically controlled countries starting with products made in America (and many right here in Texas!)

At the end of the day, this is a business built on reputation and if the product isn’t high quality – worth the Texas Best Solar name – we won’t choose to use it.

Browse the industry-leading products that meet our standards below.

Texas Best Solar offers extremely durable products

Mission Solar Energy

Mission offers extremely durable products that are made to last – even in Texas’ harshest climates.


The Mission Solar Energy panels are designed, engineered & assembled in San Antonio, Texas. Third-party testing has shown that Mission Solar Energy modules have the highest PTC ratings of any American-manufactured module.


Power loss impacts people in different ways, and thus, every home or business has unique backup power needs.

We offer a wide variety of custom backup power solutions to meet each structure’s needs when the power goes out. Contact us today to start the conversation about your backup power solution.

Custom backup power solutions from Texas Best Solar
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