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About Us

Texas Best Solar is an authorized dealer for Sunfinity Solar. We are a veteran owned and operated Sunfinity dealer, the largest renewable company in Texas. Sunfinity offers you an expert management team taking care of you from start to finish. We will prepare a free and customized quote that details your home's solar energy potential and options.  Simply put, we are Texas' premier solar provider.




The Sunfinity difference

Sunfinity Solar successfully addresses the growing demand for clean and sustainable energy, helping power Texas with green energy, saving the planet and your money.  Texas has the most sun exposure in the nation making your home a great candidate for solar energy.  With $0 down and a guaranteed 30% tax rebate from the Federal Government, you can start saving immediately!  Sunfinity offers financing plans to suit your budget allowing you to start the journey to energy independence today!



  • Attractive, tier one level, black-on-black solar panels.


  •  Our systems come with a 25 year warranty! 


  • Expert management team: 10,000 residential rooftop solar installations. 


  • Every one of our solar systems is monitored 24/7 to give you the peace of mind.

Texas Based

· We are proud Texans serving our neighbors with clean affordable renewable energy.

· Texas has the most sun exposure in the nation, making your home a great candidate for solar energy.


Veteran Owned an Operated


· We proudly served our country and now would like to proudly serve you with the highest level of costumer satisfaction!



Does Your Home Qualify?

A solar representative will respond within 24 hours



The Solar Tax credit allows you to receive a credit for 30% of the cost of a solar energy system when you file your taxes.  Originally established in 2005 as the Energy Policy Act, in December 2015 Congress passed a bill extending solar energy tax credit through 2021. 

Electricity rates are trending up, and expected to rise exponentially in the coming years, while the cost of converting your house to solar energy has never been so low. Don't wait any longer, start producing your own energy right away.


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