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Elevate the way you power your home or business.


Powerfully Efficient.

Modern Design.

At Texas Best Solar, we only work with products that meet our high functional standards and offer an elevated design that enables the panels to seamlessly integrate into your existing structure.

Texas Best Solar Panels - Denton
Change the way the world is powered one structure at a time


Changing the way the world is powered – one structure at a time.

Established in 2017 by a young marine veteran and a young-ish custom home builder – they came together over a shared vision – to change how their local community, North Texas, powered its homes and businesses. It was through this idea that Texas Best Solar was born and continues to further its mission.


A smart choice for your wallet and our world

Lower your energy bills with Texas Best Solar - Denton

Lower energy bills & peace of mind

With Texas Best Solar, you can have both. By going solar, you’re not only doing your part for this generation and the next, but you will also see real, tangible savings every month on your energy bill. Additionally, investing in solar helps increase your home’s value over time.

Lock in your energy rate

By going solar, you are doing just that. Energy costs will likely continue to rise, but the cost of your system is fixed, so as energy prices increase, your offset becomes more valuable over time.

Don't wait, lock in your energy rate
High quality solar systems right here in Texas


High quality & ethically sourced

When it comes to bettering the planet, our story doesn’t end with energy efficiency. We choose only the highest quality, ethically sourced products. We choose American-made first. In fact, many of our solar panels are made right here in Texas!


The benefits of going Texas Best Solar

Building a home is no small feat, and it’s been our privilege to build a lot of them over the years. Whether the project is big or small, our top priority is getting a job done right. What does right mean to us? It’s proper communication – setting expectations with our clients and delivering on our word. And it’s a high quality finished product that is functionally and aesthetically proficient. Need a little more convincing? We’d be happy to have you talk to our customers to get a better sense for what it is like to work with Texas Best Solar. Send us a note here and we’ll connect you with a Texas Best Solar customer.



Solar panels placed


223 Million

estimated KwHr saved 



Jobs completed


$2.7 Million

in tax credits saved

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