Living in Denton means that you don’t have the option to switch electric companies, your only choice so far has been to “rent” your electricity from DME. When you think about the money you send Denton Municipal every year to “rent” your electricity it’s easily one or two thousand dollars. Now think about how many thousands of dollars you’ll pay Denton municipal in 5 or 10 years.

Thousands of dollars spent with absolutely no return on investment!

Have you thought about solar?

Has the upfront cost stopped you from switching to solar in the past? We have great news for you! Not only is that ZERO upfront cost to go solar, but Denton Municipal is handing out thousands of dollars to their customers who want to switch to solar energy!

Instead of renting your electricity through Denton Municipal, you can OWN your electricity! Power your home with attractive and affordable solar energy. At Texas Best Solar we only use the highest quality panels in the market that come with a 25 year warranty. We are your local turnkey solar energy company right here in Denton, Texas. Funds are limited and on a first come first served basis, if you want to save money, build more equity in your home, and GET PAID to do us today to get a no commitment quote!